style, craftsmanship and comfort.

no hype. just amazing hair.

Our salon is a collective. Licensed professionals who have partnered to create a new kind of salon experience. Salon creator Steve Duross is best known for his signature line of natural hair, skin care and spa products, but the history of the entire brand began with his original salon, The Atlas Hair Company. That commitment to quality and customer service built the Duross & Langel brand, and it continues to be the foundation upon which we build our Salon business today.

To elevate the experience for both the client and the stylist, the goals are simple. Work hard to become the finest in our craft, offer you the client a wonderful experience, and build a relationship that will last a great deal longer than any haircut or color.

Welcome you to our house, and to what we refer to as the Duross & Langel lifestyle.

Throughout the entire duross & langel house, we employ minimal and recycled packaging, and are energy efficient. All of our bags are 100% compostable, and many are made from recycled materials. We also participate in a program that cleans up hazardous environment spills with your hair clippings. We encourage you to join us in moving the salon and product industry toward a new age of social responsibility. Ask us how we can partner for a better world.