talented, award winning stylists who enhance your natural beauty. our salon is a place where you can relax and simply be yourself while you enjoy a premium service

salon creator steve duross is best known locally for his signature line of natural, hand made duross & langel skin care products. but it was in steve's original salon that duross & langel was first launched, and his commitment to quality and customer service has become legendary.

now our team takes steve's vision for the natural salon experience to a whole new level. in the spring of 2015, steve opened the new salon at duross & langel on the second floor of our 13th street location. the goals were simple. work hard to become the finest in our craft, offer you the client a wonderful experience, and build a relationship that will last a great deal longer than any haircut or color.

we welcome you to our house, and to what steve refers to as the duross & langel lifestyle.

style, craftsmanship and comfort.

no hype. just amazing hair.