We promise to make you feel at home, to honor your time, and to celebrate your distinct personal style with an amazing service each and every time. The Salon at Duross & Langel books in a block format with each Stylist. Here is how it works:

Our Stylists give each guest their complete time and attention. Color clients do not get stacked. Haircuts are not squeezed in between another guest's service. Since our stylists are paid for both their time and talent, you'll receive individualized attention and the best possible service.

With this system in place, it is vital for the Salon to require sufficient time to rebook appointments. In the spirit of fairness, there is 50% surcharge for cancellations later than 48 hours. Same day cancellations or missed appointments will be charged in full. If you have questions about booking the correct service online, we strongly suggest you contact our front desk beforehand so that you are no charged for a service you booked but no longer want.


"beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"

Coco Chanel


Masters -

shampoo/cut/blow dry $75 to $85 +

Stylists -

shampoo/cut/blow dry $45 to $70 +

first time DEAL with select stylists $35

DEVAcut- certified DEVA stylists

repeat clients - cut/shampoo/diffuser  $120

1st time instruction - cut/shampoo/diffuser $140

please refer to stylists page for more details


Bang Trim                      $12 - $20

Undercut                       $25

*if you feel a change needs to be made to your cut, it must occur within 4 days of your last appointment



blowout                                $35 - $50

blow out with curls              $45 - $65          

half up-style                         $85+

up-style                                $115+

* please arrive with clean hair for up-styles as there is a $35 up charge for shampoo and blow dry

Hotheads extensions available


Single Process-

retouch                                              $79

full head (demi or permanent)         $99

color balancing (tone or glaze)        $45

retouch + color refresh                    $109

extra charge per each color            $35


Traditional Foiling or

Balayage - Color Melting

includes one toning and blow-dry

full head                                            $195

partial (half head)                              $165                                 

extra charge per each color            $35

*custom color priced upon consult

**if an issue arises with your color, contact us immediately. we allow 7 days to resolve it with our stylist..

we do not issue refunds

should you choose to add or change the tone after your service, a small re-toning fee will be applied.


No one under the age of 15 will be allowed services. We are happy to refer you to a salon that services children



Keratin Complex smoothing                  $350+

Peter Coppola smoothing                      $295+

deep conditioning                                   $35

Olaplaex (add-on per shot)                     $25

Olaplaex Treatment                                 $39

scalp treatment w/ hot towel                  $35

*if an issue with your treatment arises, contact us immediately. we allow 4 days to resolve



brows                                                        $10

lip/chin                                                       $10

brows/lip/chin                                            $15  



eyes only make up                                     $65+

full face make up                                        $85+

facial                                                            $25+ 



We believe in the dignity of our stylists and their work. We always have excellent deals and stylists that fit into any budget. Every haircut and color service includes a shampoo, conditioning and a simple blow-dry