style, craftsmanship and comfort.

no hype. just amazing hair.

Salon creator Steve Duross is best known locally for his signature line of natural, hand made Duross & Langel skin care products. It was in Steve's original salon, The Atlas Hair Co. that Duross & Langel was first launched. His commitment to quality and customer service has become legendary.

Now our team takes Steve's vision for the natural salon experience to a whole new level. The goals are simple. Work hard to become the finest in our craft, offer you the client a wonderful experience, and build a relationship that will last a great deal longer than any haircut or color.

Welcome you to our house, and to what we refer to as the Duross & Langel lifestyle.

Throughout duross & langel, we employ minimal and recycled packaging, are energy efficient, and have partnered with Green Circle Salons to erase our carbon footprint. We also recycle your hair clippings for use in the cleanup of hazardous environment spills. We encourage you to join us in moving the salon and product industry to a new age in social responsibility. Ask us how we can partner with you for a better world.